We offer quality learning experience for children

About Us

It Matters To You, It Matters To Us

As a parent, your child’s well-being is paramount – and it is equally important to us.

At Bolitho Nursery, our vision is to endeavor to provide a stimulating, safe and nurturing environment that enables children to thrive as they learn through their play.

Relationships with families: We understand that entrusting your young son or daughter to the care of others is an important step to help you, our experienced staff will arrange a settling in period to suit your family. From your child’s first day with us, our staff will keep in close contact with you, communicating at every stage.

 Opening Times

We are open 50 weeks of the year excluding bank holidays and training days. Monday – Thursday 08:00-18:00 and Friday 08:00-17:00. We offer a vast range of session times to suit families needs.

Our Rooms

We have three rooms within the Nursery  Baby Room, Toddler Room and Pre School.   These rooms are specifically designed and resourced for the children’s age ranges and stages of development. We support transition between these rooms when children are developmentally ready.

Your Child’s Day

Your child’s day will start with meet and greet by our friendly staff. Breakfast session is between 08:00 and 09:00 in the Toddler room and at 09:00 all children split into their separate rooms. At 16:00 children join together again for the evening session. Lunchtime is between 12:00 and 13:00. Children can bring a packed lunch or sign up for a hot lunch that consists of a delicious main and pudding. Nursery lunches operate on a 3 week rotational menu, following  Nippers’ Nutrition guidance.

What do I bring to Nursery?

To ensure your child has everything they need at nursery, we ask parents to supply a bag for nursery containing the following:

Weather appropriate clothing:

  • A waterproof coat,
  • Wellington boots,
  • Warm hat in winter,
  • All in one waterproof for winter,
  • Summer hat in summer,
  • UV Suit for summer play outside.

Dress for Mess! Our children have lots of sensory play activities and creative activities to join in with – please dress your child for mess so that they can enjoy these activities to the fullest. We do provide aprons but children can be in the sensory/messy areas without an apron and are likely to get splashes and dabs on their clothes. Dressing for mess allows children to fully explore. As they get older we do encourage self-care and independence.

Snack: Children need to bring a healthy snack for morning and afternoon snack, depending on their session times. Fruit or vegetables would be the most healthy option.

Spare clothes: At least 2 tops and 3 pairs of underwear, socks and bottoms if your child is toilet training – Crocs/Jelly shoes can be a good alternative to shoes or wellies whilst toilet training to allow them to be cleaned and dry quickly.

Any comforters: A dummy can be stored for your baby and a comforter teddy/blanket or toy are welcomed to help your child settle and soothe them.

Nappies/Pull-ups: A supply of nappies/pull ups is essential and you may bring your own wipes/cotton wool if a particular brand is preferred.

Sun cream: In the summer we ask for all children to arrive to nursery with sun cream already applied and if they are staying for a full day session we ask for a bottle to stay at nursery to allow it to be reapplied in the afternoon.