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Comments from our families

We highly value our families comments and hope you enjoy reading them.

Feedback from our Families

It means the world when we hear wonderful feedback like the comments below!


” I can not believe ***** has come to the end of his 3 and a half years with you all. It has been a wonderful journey for ***** at “friends” as he calls it, I can not thank you all enough for all you’ve done for him. Bolitho is a truly special setting and I know he will miss you all very much . Thank you x” (Summer 2021)

Baby Room


“Thank you all so much for making **** feel so welcome and happy! She is always excited to go to nursery and has progressed so much since starting…thank you all for your hard work! Really appreciate it!! It’s so lovely to know that she has such a great time at nursery…the photos are great too 😊😊😊” (Summer 2021)

A lovely, warming work team, from day one I felt very welcomed and *** has settled in so well.” (Spring 2017)


The staff are just amazing, our little girl thrived at the nursery and now our 18 month son attends and is loving it just as much. We can’t praise them enough.” ( Spring 2019)


Absolutely super. I haven’t a bad word to say about any of them. Even the staff that I don’t deal with regularly are always friendly. I really feel that my baby is looked after but also cared for.” (Spring 2019)


E*** really loves nursery. She smiles when I drop her off and rarely wants to leave.” (Spring 2020)


I have been so impressed by your staff – ***** is so happy there and that’s because he feels safe and loved and cared for. I was nervous sending him to nursery at 18 months, but now realise it was the best decision I could take. ****** has really come on – he’s more confident and his speech is coming. He’s also really into playing with other kids his age and I put that down to Bolitho.” (Spring 2020)


Really friendly, my baby seems really happy and comfortable with them.” (Spring 2019)


Your staff is best thing 100%” (Spring 2020)


Really attentive and seem to understand my daughters needs and interests well even though she’s only attended a short amount of time.” (Spring 2017)


I like how there is such a good outdoor space for the children and the rooms themselves are very spacious. It is nice that they mix with different rooms as well.” (Spring 2019)


I like the tapestry updates from key worker.” (Spring 2017)


My child is very happy at Bolitho Nursery.” (Spring 2017)


Bolitho Nursery is a lovely, welcoming Nursery. I am 100% happy with the nursery.” (Spring 2017)


I really like the photos and comments on the tapestry online so I can see what he has been doing.” (Spring 2017)


Feel it is very person centered. *** has come on loads with speech, very happy with all.” (Spring 2017)


All of the staff are friendly and approachable and you can tell the kids love them.” (Spring 2019)


The environment for the children is wonderful, my little boys face lights up when he see’s the outside play area, he can’t wait to get out there.” (Spring 2019)


She isn’t talking yet but the fact that she flings her coat off and sits down happily to play every morning shows that she loves it.” (Spring 2019)

Toddler Room


“We are so happy to have found such a wonderful group on people to help look after ****” (Summer 2021)

Thank you for all that you continue to do to support our daughter’s growth and development. You provide a stimulating, safe and secure environment for the children in your care and we very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into this.” (Spring 2019)


Our daughter absolutely loves the adults in the toddler room and talks about them all at home. We love the relationships that she has built with all the staff and appreciate the effort that they have all gone to, to know our daughter so well.” (Spring 2019)


The nursery is one of the best around for activities, outdoor space and learning facilities.” (Spring 2019)


Lovely friendly staff, always happy to help” (Spring 2020)


The nursery is so much fun, there’s lots to do and I love how the activities are rotated in the toddler room.” (Spring 2020)


We like the weekly turn over in resources and activities available and our child is now beginning to talk enthusiastically about what she has done during the day. The staff are also have fantastic knowledge of our daughter and they are able to direct her towards activities that they know she enjoys if she is feeling unsettled in the morning. Thank you for this!” (Spring 2019)


Very well informed via email, letters and Tapestry, plus daily conversations at pick up and drop off.” (Spring 2017)


My child has settled well, the staff are very friendly and approachable, I feel totally confident leaving my child, knowing he is cared for. Thank you.” (Summer 2016)


Jane and Julie are the most incredible ladies. My little one loves the happy environment they create every day. Big thank you.” (Spring 2019)


Fantastic at keeping me up to date with My child’s learning plan etc.” (Spring 2020)


He really enjoys his days at nursery and has strong relationships with those that care for him.” (Spring 2019)


The support we have had with *** has been lovely.” (Spring 2017)

Early 3’s


“We just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your support over this very strange year. **** has come on leaps and bounds and we really feel it’s due to contributions made from staff and his friends at nursery. We wish you all a wonderful summer!” (Summer 2021)


I never have to worry about my child when at nursery as the staff are amazing at caring for her.” (Spring 2020)


The children have lots of space to play in and outside, and the rooms are always decorated nicely with different projects the children have been part of.” (Spring 2019)


All staff are lovely. Very friendly always answer all questions I have and make me feel at ease!” (Spring 2020)


Love it especially the access to outside. The environment is friendly while providing structure!” (Spring 2019)


The setting is very welcoming and the activities always look very appealing. We love reading the whiteboards to find out what they are going to be getting up to each week.” (Spring 2020)


I like the outdoor space and the rooms are laid out well. It’s good that the children interact with other children from other rooms as well.” (Spring 2020)


All the staff are friendly, caring and approachable and they all know a lot about the individual children and their likes / dislikes and behaviours which is important.” (Spring 2020)


It’s really nice to see what he’s up to during the day via tapestry and I feel the end of day catch ups are really useful and those doing that are always willing to discuss things even though it’s the end of the day.” (Spring 2020)


I absolutely love your staff at Bolitho Nursery. Always have been & still are so supportive to not only my son but to me. I am very grateful & am extremely proud of what my son has achieved whilst attending. 5*****(Spring 2019)


They’ve been superb in welcoming and transitioning ***** and making her feel safe.” (Spring 2019)


I really enjoy looking at the online journals.” (Spring 2020)


I love the indoor and outdoor space available to the children they have so much available to them.” (Spring 2019)


All the ladies at the nursery are lovely and my ***** loves it there, couldn’t fault anything about anyone there.” (Spring 2019)


Always lovely and friendly, informative on how my child is doing and my daughter enjoys all her time at nursery.” (Spring 2019)


I’ve found all staff to be really supportive over any concerns I’ve had and they really helped us with the likes of potty training.” (Spring 2020)


My son is cared for extremely well at Nursery & his progress is outstanding in my eyes. He continues to thrive & I am very proud. All thanks to the staff, the wonderful children, the resources & the lovely atmosphere there. 5*****” (Spring 2019)


Nursery took time with toileting issues and always make us feel involved in sons care.” ( Spring 2020)


Loves playing & interacting with friends. He loves it & nothing could be better.” (Spring 2019)


Love all the staff so helpful and friendly and my daughter always loves her time at nursery.” (Spring 2019)


An amazing Nursery & any child that attends in the future is extremely lucky. Beautiful place with fabulous staff.” (Spring 2019)


“What an incredible report for **** in his last term. I can not believe he has come to the end of his 3 and a half years with you all. It has been a wonderful journey for **** at “friends” as he calls it, i can not thank you all enough for all you’ve done for him. Bolitho is a truly special setting and I know he will miss you all very much . Thank you x” (Summer 2021)

“I am so proud of ****’s achievements and sad that her journey with Bolitho Nursery has come to an end.
I have loved looking back on her first moments with Bolitho and how she has developed and grown with the support and care from such a wonderful team. Thank you so much, for being the best nursery I could have picked to take so much care with the most precious thing in my life.” (Summer 2021)


“We are so proud of ****! I believe that a lot of his knowledge and personal development has been due to the support and encouragement he gets at Bolitho – from everyone he encounters. Super excited for him to start school, I just feel he is going to love all the new challenges and experiences. We think the world of all the team at Bolitho and I know **** is really going to miss everyone. Thank you!” (SUmmer 2021)


Bolitho Nursery and its staff have made my child’s experience a very happy and enjoyable one! Highly recommended!” (Spring 2020)


Very happy and accommodating extra sessions.” (Spring 2017)


Ellie and Rachel are fantastic! My child has been with Ellie since starting in the Baby Room which is great for stability. Always so friendly and their communication is great.” (Spring 2020)


**** is happy at Nursery, we really like seeing photos of him on Tapestry.” (Summer 2016)


The staff build trustworthy and professional relationships with children and family.” (Spring 2019)


All the staff that have had a key roll in **** nursery attendance have been great. They are kind, knowledgeable have a great deal of patience and nurturing. **** has thrived and thoroughly enjoys his time there.” (Spring 2020)


Would always recommend, my child has been here since a baby and it has been a happy environment.” (Spring 2017)


Friendly and approachable, always well informed upon pickup.” (Spring 2020)


I love the space that Bolitho has, inside and outside.” (Spring 2020)


My daughter needs a lot of support which she receives. I really couldn’t ask for a better nursery.” (Spring 2019)


The staff are so good at identifying any areas that cause upset or worry for my son and problem solving so that he can feel comfortable confident and relaxed throughout his sessions.” (Spring 2019)


There are always plenty of activities on offer to all of the children and he is always encouraged to explore new activities. Extra curricular sessions such as TWIGLETS Forest School are offered and parents can choose if they want their children to attend these.” (Spring 2019)


Fantastic support and noticed a real development in our child.” (Spring 2019)


Really happy with all aspects of care offered to my son at nursery I wouldn’t change anything!” (Spring 2019)


Brilliant, have always been very helpful to *****’s development and have been extremely supportive around transitions/eating/potty training!” (Spring 2019)


Love being outside playing and anything to do with water. Can’t think of anything as they have everything a child needs. (Spring 2019)


Very well! Our Daughter has attended for a few years now and have found this an amazing caring nursery that really helps children thrive.” (Spring 2019)


I know that anytime my child is sad, a bit poorly, tired etc, they are always there to comfort.” (Spring 2020)


Wonderful trustworthy people.” (Spring 2019)