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Comments from our families

Please see a selection of comments below from our recent Family Questionnaire. We highly value our families comments and hope you enjoy reading them.

Baby Room

“All of the staff are friendly and approachable and you can tell the kids love them.”


“Really friendly, my baby seems really happy and comfortable with them.”


“The staff are just amazing, our little girl thrived at the nursery and now our 18 month son attends and is loving it just as much. We can’t praise them enough.”


“They are simply wonderful x”


“The environment for the children is wonderful, my little boys face lights up when he see’s the outside play area, he can’t wait to get out there.”


“She isn’t talking yet but the fact that she flings her coat off and sits down happily to play every morning shows that she loves it.”


“They seem to really get to know the children. Continue to be impressed by how observant they are.”


“Love it especially the access to outside. The environment is friendly while providing structure!”

Toddler Room

“Jane and Julie are the most incredible ladies. My little one loves the happy environment they create every day. Big thank you .”


“Our daughter absolutely loves the adults in the toddler room and talks about them all at home. We love the relationships that she has built with all the staff and appreciate the effort that they have all gone to, to know our daughter so well.”


“Although all the staff are great, Jane & Ellie are amazing with my child.”


“My daughter loves the staff.”


“Everyone is lovely. Very happy that my son is cared for by such conscientious people.”


“The nursery is one of the best around for activities, outdoor space and learning facilities.”


“He really enjoys his days at nursery and has strong relationships with those that care for him.”


“We like the weekly turn over in resources and activities available and our child is now beginning to talk enthusiastically about what she has done during the day. The staff are also have fantastic knowledge of our daughter and they are able to direct her towards activities that they know she enjoys if she is feeling unsettled in the morning. Thank you for this!”


“The staff are very attentive. They are able to get my son to do things I can’t at home through much patience and persistence.”


“Thank you for all that you continue to do to support our daughter’s growth and development. You provide a stimulating, safe and secure environment for the children in your care and we very much appreciate all the hard work that goes into this. Looking forward to all the exciting new developments as they unfold during the Summer.”

Early 3’s

“Always lovely and friendly, informative on how my child is doing and my daughter enjoys all her time at nursery.”


“All the ladies at the nursery are lovely and my **** loves it there, couldn’t fault anything about anyone there.”


“I absolutely love your staff at Bolitho Nursery. Always have been & still are so supportive to not only my son but to me. I am very grateful & am extremely proud of what my son has achieved whilst attending. 5*****”


“An amazing Nursery & any child that attends in the future is extremely lucky. Beautiful place with fabulous staff.”


“Always happy to talk about how my child is getting on, always helpful and professional”


“Thanks for the outstanding care and attention you give ****”


“My son is cared for extremely well at Nursery & his progress is outstanding in my eyes. He continues to thrive & I am very proud. All thanks to the staff, the wonderful children, the resources & the lovely atmosphere there.”


“I love the indoor and outdoor space available to the children they have so much available to them.”


“I love my friends Debbie and Sarah.”


“The children have lots of space to play in and outside, and the rooms are always decorated nicely with different projects the children have been part of.”


“Our Daughter has attended for a few years now and have found this a amazing caring nursery that really helps children thrive.”


“All the staff are really approachable, friendly and very helpful.”


“Fantastic support and noticed a real development in our child.”


“The environment is perfect.”


“It’s a happy, positive and safe environment.”


“He really enjoys going to nursery for play time (the learning is so cleverly planned in to the sessions that he doesn’t feel like he’s having lessons/ learning skills)”


“Really happy with all aspects of care offered to my son at nursery I wouldn’t change anything!”


“Lovely and nurturing.”


“My daughter needs a lot of support which she receives. I really couldn’t ask for a better nursery.”


“The staff are so good at identifying any areas that cause upset or worry for my son and problem solving so that he can feel comfortable confident and relaxed throughout his sessions.”


“Lovely rooms and the outside area is great! Awesome that there is so space to explore!”


“Brilliant, have always been very helpful to ******’s development and have been extremely supportive around transitions/eating/potty training!”