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Did you know 25% of 5 year old children have tooth decay?*

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May 15, 2024

Learning about keeping our teeth clean.

Children in our Toddler and Pre School rooms have been exploring oral hygeiene through teeth brushing and the importance of brushing our teeth every day, twice a day. They have been learning the different names of teeth, how important it is to clean every teeth and to clean their teeth for 2 minutes using children’s toothpaste.

Home Learning Bag

We have a home learning bag available with a book about ‘going to the dentist’ and more info if anyone would like to borrow it before their child’s dentist appointment – please let us know.

Find out more top tips and information via the following website:


Advice from the NHS: This free e-learning programme provides information and advice about children’s oral health

Children’s Oral Health

Access a Cornwall Council Healthy Under 5’s Presentation here:


*Did you know fact is from the above healthy Cornwall presentation.

Here are some photos of us exploring the giant teeth!