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Red Nose Day 2023!

We are looking forward to celebrating Red Nose Day to support Comic Relief!

March 13, 2023

Red Nose Day

We will be celebrating Red Nose Day this Friday (17th March) to support Comic Relief.

We will be baking delicious red nose strawberry jam cupcakes for the children to bring home.
Red Noses
Children will have the option to have a red nose painted, with face paint, on if they’d like one! They can also bring their own red nose if they want to.
Bluey Keepy Uppy Challenge
We will also be taking part in the Bluey Keepy Uppy Challenge! You can try this at home and post it on Tapestry to share- use a balloon, bean bag or ball and count how many times you can keep it up in the air! We will be giving this a go with balloons in Pre School and bean bags in the Toddler Room 🙂 You can read more about the Bluey Challenge here (and print out a certificate for taking part!):
Dressing Up
Children are welcome to come wearing an item of red clothing if they’d like to, or come dressed from red head to toe! Please don’t worry if your child doesn’t own any red clothing, that’s why we’ve got the face paint if they want to join in that way 🙂
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Who are Comic Relief and What do they do?

Please see the link below to learn all about the fantastic work Comic Relief do! This is a charity we are proud to support.



Do you want to get involved with supporting Comic Relief?

Read more about the Bluey Keepy Uppy Challenge here.

We are going to be taking part in the Bluey Keepy Uppy Challenge at nursery! Why not get practicing at home?

All you need is something light – a balloon, feather, beanbag, (or football if you have a garden) and see how long you can keep it in the air! This is a super way to practicing counting together too and lots of fun!

You can share your photographs or videos via tapestry and we’ll share them on our website! The children will all be giving this a go, if they want to, on Friday as part of our Red Nose Day event.

Find out more + watch Bluey’s Keepy Uppy Video here –> https://www.comicrelief.com/rednoseday/schools/early-years

You will also find the following packs on the website and also sent to you via your Tapestry account – in case you want to have a look at them at home!
Bluey Red Nose Day Bunting
Bluey Colouring Pages
Gingerbread Bingo’s Recipe Card

Share your photos on social media with the following hashtag: #RedNoseDayBluey