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Partnerships With Parents

Find out more about how we develop our partnerships with parents to support your children's learning journey with us.

Partnerships with Parents

Please see the links below for more information on our Partnerships with parents, including our Home Learning Bags, How to get involved with trips and events and Play and Learning at Home. Plus we have info about our the role of a Key Person and our Parent Portal App.

Key Person

Every child has a Key Person who is a familiar member of staff who they have regular contact and a secure relationship with.

As parents, you are encouraged to communicate regularly with your key worker at drop off and pick up times to share information.

Parent Portal App – Our Online Learning Journeys

Your key person will post weekly ‘snapshot’ observations on your Parent Portal App plus a summary of their play and learning, progress and achievements at the end of each half term. This will tell you how they have progressed with their next steps and what their next steps are for the next half term so that you can also support them at home.

Take a look at our ‘How to get involved’ page for more information on how you can be part of your child’s learning at nursery, joining us for events, trips and special occasions.

Family Information Services

The Family Information Services website provides information, advice and support available to families in Cornwall and the professionals working alongside them. Follow the link below and select a category or use the search boxes to find services on offer.