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WOW! Our Ducklings are now DUCKS!

Our ducklings are now 3-4 weeks old and they are ENORMOUS!

April 10, 2024


Gosh! We can’t believe how quickly these ducklings have grown! They are between 3 and 4 weeks old and already grown to the size of an avergae duck… but these aren’t average ducks! They are going to be enormous….

The ducks came back on Monday and Tuesday this week to see the children, who were astonished by both the size of the ducks and how soft they are to stroke. The ducks are starting to develop their feathers but at the moment they have soft downy feathers that are incredible to stroke. When they are fully feathered in a few weeks they will be able to move outside.

For the time being Rachel has very kindly offered to take them back to her house where she has created a set up where the ducks are able to spend a lot of their time during the day outside in a run, getting used to the weather and being outside to exercise and develop their strength. They are pretty high maintenance at the moment, requiring lots of cleaning, feeding, bathing and time outside. We have decided that they will be much happier with Rachel for the next few weeks until we have created a safe outdoor area here at nursery for them. Rachel and her family will keep us updated with their progress until we are able to welcome them back to nursery.

THANK YOU to Rachel and her family for all their care!