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Penlee House Gallery and Museum Workshops!

WOW WOW WOW Pre School we are incredibly PROUD of you!

May 17, 2024

Workshops with Penlee House Gallery and Museum

WOW WOW WOW! We are incredibly impressed with how well Pre School have engaged with a pilot of 3 workshops with Penlee House Gallery and Museum. It has been wonderful to welcome Katie and Jo to the nursery for 2 of the workshops and they welcomed the children to visit the museum for a further workshop! The feedback from the museum staff has been absolutely wonderful. They have adored running these sessions and have been totally blown away by the children’s contributions, behaviour and recall of the information and learning they have introduced the children to on previous sessions. THANK YOU for giving the children this fantastic opportunity!

Take a peek at the three different workshops below!

Workshop 1: At Bolitho Nursery

Katie and Jo got to know all our names at first before sharing artefacts from the museum. The children compared the old to the new exploring the following items; hot water bottle, drinks bottle, lights, and a wooden ball game.

We then learnt some amazing new vocabulary and labelled materials, such as electricity, inventions, wax, marbles, gold, bronze, and copper, rocking horse. Some of the children’s guess work was really quite impressive and they were so eager to offer their ideas. All the children’s behaviour was praised by Katie and Jo, they were amazed at what a great group they were.

For the next part of the workshop we went to the art room to use patterns to decorate card, these were rolled in to cones, we then squished paper into ball shapes, attached string to both and … drum roll please….the end product was their very own ball and cup game which the children were very proud of!

We have had a great morning, learnt lots of new things, met lovely new people and made a game to bring home. Next Friday we are lucky enough to to go to the Penlee House Museum for a trip together, so we are super excited to see all the old artefacts and paintings in the gallery itself.

Workshop 2: At Penlee House Gallery and Museum

We set off to walk to the museum, chatting about what we might see when we arrived.

The children did us so very proud, they were polite, listened well, answered questions confidently and were respectful in the museum and gallery. Whilst there we recapped our learning from last week, they had great recall and were praised by Katie and Jo.

We then went on a hunt around the museum and gallery, looking at all the artefacts and beautiful paintings. The children showed great observation and listening, they had a great time exploring all the rooms.

Once all the children completed the hunt we then went back and they were given cardboard houses, the children decorated their houses, then hung a painting inside to make their houses into little museums and galleries. They had a lovely time, we saw some really methodical work and block formations.

It was a lovely trip and we look forward to welcoming Katie and Jo back to Bolitho next week.

Workshop 3: At Bolitho Nursery

We welcomed Katie and Jo for their second workshop at the nursery. We also welcomed Flynn from Penwith College who is lucky enough to be spending a week completing work experience at Penlee House Gallery and Museum.

To start the workshop the children looked at the artefacts they’d explored on previous weeks, showing super recall. After this we looked at a bone china victorian tea cup and saucer, the children were very careful as they handled it!

When we visited the gallery last week, we were exploring the different frames that the paintings were displayed in, and then today we made our own frames! After talking about this again we then went in to the art studio and decorated our own frames with different textured gold papers to resemble one of the frames in the gallery.  The children looked so very proud of their individual frames! Look at all those smiling faces.

Next the children worked together decorating two larger frames. Penlee Gallery have given us two prints that we will display in our frames. During their arts and crafts the children were talking a lot about patterns, shape and space.

After all of the arts and crafts, the children were incredibly excited to delve in to the dressing up bags to wear victorian clothes. They had been looking at a painting of children in a Victorain school and compared the outfits to what they had seen in the painting. The children all showed lots of courage dressing up and having their photos taken in the frames!

We finished with a very funny book, all about different types of museum! The children were fascinated by the ‘pooseum’ the most….!


We cannot thank Penlee House Gallery and Museum enough for running these three workshops with us! This was a pilot project and we can assure you that all of our feedback to the gallery is 1000% positive! We hope to be involved in more projects in the future.

THANK YOU to Penlee House Gallery and Museum for giving our Pre School children such a wonderful opportunity. It was clear to see how prepared these children are for all their exciting adventures ahead at school! They are so eager to learn!