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Visiting Alfred Smith + Son Toy Shop

A group of our Pre Schoolers went toy shopping!

June 21, 2024

Toy Shop Trip

A small group of our Pre School children went on an adventure to Alfred Smith & Son‘s toy shop. We set off from Nursery and walked to the shop with lots of conversations on the way about what we could see and hear. The children looked around the toy shop and talked about the different toys they could see. Some children even spotted some familiar toys/games they have at home. Together the children decided which game to buy to bring back to nursery and share with the whole group, the children picked up a dinosaur dominos game which we are all very excited to play! We talked about paying for the game at the toy shop till and getting our change before going to the till to ask politely ‘please may we buy this game?’. On the way back to nursery, the children started talking about who they were going to show the new game too! It was a very exciting trip and one that she shall do again.