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FREE self guided parenting courses from Solihull

We highly recommend these FREE, online, self guided, courses!

June 13, 2024

Free top tips!

Cornwall are offering FREE online, self guided courses for parents. This means you sign up and go through the videos and information to learn top tips online, at your own pace, and at a time convenient to you.
The courses are really good! We can’t emphasise this enough!
Particularly the ‘understanding your child’s feelings’ course. Children’s behaviour and emotions can be a real mystery at times, and this can be challenging for families. These courses will help empower you to understand and support your child, now and in the future.
These are the courses available for free:
Use the code TAMAR to access any of the courses. Once you’ve selected the course you’d like to explore, you need to type TAMAR in to the orange box that says ‘access code’.
More info here on the Family Information Services website.
This is part of the Cornwall Family Information Service Website where there is lots more helpful advice and info for families.