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The A is for Apple Project

On Monday 4th February we welcomed Rose from The A is for Apple Project to run a Crunchin' Crew workshop with our Preschool.

February 8, 2019

The A is for Apple Project.

We were really excited to welcome Rose to our preschool on Monday 4th February to lead her Crunchin’ Crew workshop to explore healthy eating, encourage interaction and understanding of food.

First of all the children learnt about lots of different vegetables and fruits, the children named them, explored the smells and textures and used cut up pieces to print with paints and create character pictures. Each fruit and vegetable represented a different healthy character and Rose discussed the health benefits of different foods. You can take a peek at Rose’s Alphabet cards on her website – these show the health benefits of different fruits and vegetables.

The A is for Apple Project

The children’s artwork is on display in Preschool for you all to enjoy.

After the creative activity the children worked as a group to make a vegetable pasta sauce for their lunch. The ingredients the children used were red and yellow peppers, red onion, garlic, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, olive oil and mixed herbs. The children really enjoyed learning about all of the ingredients and helping to prepare the meal, they mixed the pasta sauce with wholemeal pasta to finish their dish.

At lunch time the children all sat together and enjoyed their meal. Lots of staff and children commented how delicious the lunch smelt as they walked passed the dining room and almost all the children cleared their plates! Well done Preschool and thank you Rose for running such an interactive and exploratory workshop.