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Baby Massage

NEW GROUP LAUNCH! We are excited to announce the start of our Baby Massage group!

Baby Massage

Our new Baby Massage group will provide an introduction to baby massage and the benefits for your baby. The group will be run by Sam Curnow, our Nursery Manager, who is a qualified teacher in Developmental Baby Massage.

We recommend babies start under 6 months old and can then continue the course once you have learnt the basics together.

There is a cost of £5 per session to be payable in blocks. The next 4 week block will be on the following dates:

Every Monday in November.

These sessions will be limited to a group size of 4 parents and babies and then grow to a group size of 8 once established.

Please ring or email the nursery if you would like to book this block of four sessions.

What do I need to bring?

We will provide a sleep mat for your baby to lay on comfortably. Please bring a towel for your baby to lay on. We will provide the oil for the massage.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The room will be scented with a lavender steam diffuser and calming music will play to create a relaxing atmosphere for both you and your baby.

Benefits of Baby Massage

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What the course will cover

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