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Exploring with our Babies!

Our Babies love to get out and about in their 4 seater buggy!

February 10, 2023

Out and About with our Babies!

We LOVE our 4 seater buggy! Our Babies have been getting out on lots of adventures on our beautiful grounds and further afield in Penzance, walking to Penlee Park and the Promenade. Sometimes our toddlers join the babies for an adventure too.

The babies love to spot Rainbows! They will go out in any weather, wind, rain or shine, they’re out and about. The babies love to crawl and toddle around in their all in one suits, building up their strength and exploring nature all around them.

There’s lots to see and hear in Penzance, boats, helicopters, motorbikes, cars, people chatting, the crashing waves etc.

At the park we love to whoosh down the slides and smile in the swings!