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Home Learning Bags

We have a range of home learning bags for families to explore!

Home Learning Bags

We have created a range of bags to support your children’s development through fun play activities that can be shared at home to promote your child’s learning towards their next steps, and our partnerships with yourselves as parents and families. 

You can request these bags at anytime and they will be sent home, if they are not already on loan to another family. Key people will also be increasing how often they send home bags for children to support them with their next steps, interests and experiences.

You can share your play by uploading photographs and /or a video on to your parent portal app! Or just enjoy the activity together and return the bag for another family to enjoy. 

The bags we have to offer families are:


We are also in the process of creating the following Home Learning Bags

Moving House

Calm Down Strategies


Visiting the Hairdressers

Keeping Safe walking by a Road

Online Safety

Using Traffic Light Visuals (To support communication)

Using Visual Timetables (To support communication)



Compare Bears

This COMPARE BEARS activity has been created for you to explore maths at home whilst you play. This bag is specifically looking at size recognition and matching sizes to make patterns. You can extend this ply through adding counting as you make the patterns. A further extension would be counting different groups of colours and comparing these. The compare bear figures are very popular in our nursery rooms and we hope you enjoy playing together.  

Colour Monster (Supporting Emotions)

We often explore the Colour Monster Book at nursery. Your child is likely to be familiar with the colours that link to each emotion. 

Start by talking through these together, your child may be able to point to the happy monster, or the calm monster if you ask them. 

Then have a look at the activity sheets together. They are numbered to follow in order.

When you ‘colour in’ the pictures, you can use paint, felt pens, crayons, pencils or put real items that match the colour on top of the bottle!

Visiting The Dentist

This VISITING THE DENTIST bag has been created to introduce your child to the experience of going to the dentist. Reading the story together before you go to the dentist will give opportunity to talk positively about what will happen and allow your child to ask questions. 

Ten Fat Sausages

This TEN FAT SAUSAGES bag has been created to promote learning in Maths, Literacy, and Expressive Art and Design. We have included the song sheet for you to sing together, plus there are sausages with a frying pan to act out the song together. There are lots of opportunities to count and explore numbers together!

Starting School

This STARTING SCHOOL bag has been put together to support your child’s transition to Primary School later this year. There is a story that you can read together where the characters go to school.

 This is an opportunity to start conversation around all the exciting things that happen at school. It’s really important to talk positively about school with your child. (If you are feeling nervous – try not to share this with your child as they are likely to absorb your emotions and connect these with starting school themselves)


This PLAYDOUGH bag has been created to share a quick and easy recipe to make Playdough at home. It is likely that this bag has come home because your child shows a particular interest in playdough at nursery. Playdough has LOTS of benefits for children, it is a fantastic fine motor activity to strengthen all the muscles in little one’s hands. The creative opportunities are endless!

Five Little Ducks

This FIVE LITTLE DUCKS bag has been put together to promote learning in Maths, Literacy, and Expressive Art and Design. We have included the song sheet for you to sing together, plus the ducks and pond to act out the song together. You can add to the play by counting the ducks afterwards and explore how to represent the numbers 1-5 by counting on your fingers. 


This YOGA BAG has been created to share some of the animal yoga shapes that we explore at nursery for you and your child to try together at home! Can you add sounds to the shapes you make? Can you think of a new yoga shape for a favourite animal? Yoga has so many benefits, it’s great for developing balance and coordination as well as sparking laughter, joy and relaxation!

Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister – New Baby

This NEW BABY bag has been created to share with children who are about to become BIG BROTHERS or BIG SISTERS! This is an exciting time for families and also a time of big change which can be unsettling for children. We have included some stories to read together to spark positive conversation together about the upcoming changes. We have added a doll and some dolls clothes for you to play with together. It can be good to practice holding the doll gently, dressing and changing the dolls nappy, rocking the doll to sleep, singing rhymes to the doll, reading stories to the doll etc. The books also talk about the time when mums are giving birth, as a time when a sibling may be cared for by a friend or family, this is a good plan to share with your child so they know what to expect. 

There are some Top Tips articles in this bag to help you prepare your child for the change when their sibling arrives. Plus some links below.

Becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister – Further Advice

Family Lives have produced this videos with top tips and advice for introducing a new baby to siblings.


The National Childbirth Trust have prepared this article that provides top tips for shabdling sibling jealousy with a new baby.




Five Little Speckled Frogs

This FIVE LITTLE SPECKLED FROGS bag has been put together to promote learning in Maths, Literacy, and Expressive Art and Design. We have included the song sheet for you to sing together and the frogs and log to act out the song together. You can add to the play by counting the frogs afterwards and explore how to represent the numbers 1-5 by counting on your fingers. 


This PEG BOARD activity has been created to enable your child to explore creating patterns at home. It will have been sent home as your child is showing an interest in making patterns within their play. There are lots of patterns you can explore. The first is called AB, AB repeating pattern, this means the pattern alternates for example red, blue, red, blue. You can then extend this in endless ways for example red, red, blue, red, red, blue. Or red, red, blue, blue. Etc. The challenge is to keep the pattern going! 


This THREADING BAG has been put together to promote learning in Maths and to support Physical Development. Activities like this are called ‘fine motor activities’ and help to strengthen the muscles children will use in later life for writing, and much more. They develop control, focus and strength. 

You can extend the learning through play by talking about body parts and asking your child to find their own body parts. You can also make colour patterns with the cotton reels and count the items you have threaded together. 


This SLEEP bag has been created to support your child with a positive story about going to sleep. There are two books to explore together. The best advice for bedtimes is to stick to a calm routine and follow it every night to support your child to relax and fall asleep in a positive and happy environment. Everyone’s routine will be different but it may include the following: Brushing teeth, putting pyjamas on, reading stories together, singing a gentle song, turning out the light and closing your eyes. Keeping to the same order is really supportive and relaxing for children. There are lots more top tips we can signpost you to if you need any further advice.


Getting to Know Me

We have created this home learning bag to welcome you child to our nursery. 

You can share the story inside together to talk about the fun activities your child can do at nursery. 

We also suggest that your child chooses three items to place in the bag and bring with them to their next session. These three items will then be shared with the staff in the room and other children, to make your child feel welcome. 

Items your child could choose could include a favourite story, puzzle, teddy, comforter, family photos or anything you would like to share. We will send these items home again at the end of the session. 

We hope you enjoy sharing the story together and that your child finds filling the bag and bringing it to the nursery exciting!