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Getting ready for the Jubilee!

We are getting ready for our Queen's Jubilee High Tea Party and learning all about flags!

May 25, 2022

Painting Flags with our Fingertips

Our toddlers have been using their fingertips, sponges or cotton wool buds to carefully paint bunting and flags in preparation for our Queen’s Jubilee High Tea! They have been so very busy and the bunting and flags look super!


We can’t wait to welcome you all tothe Jubilee party and see everyone showing their families the bunting they have made and waving their flags together as we enjoy our High Tea Teddy Bears Picnic.

Learning about the Union Jack through Play

Our toddlers are having a wonderful week exploring a sensory riec tuff spot that has been set up as a Union Jack flag!

They have been using their fingertips and also different shape and sized utensils to scoop, pour and shake the rice.

We have also been exploring matching the colours red, white and blue!