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It’s Pancake Day!

We made delicious pancakes today!

February 21, 2023

Pancake Day!

THANK YOU to a small group of our pre school children who helped to make pancakes that we then made and served to ALL of the children who were at nursery today. (That was A LOT of pancakes!) Each child had a quarter of a pancake with some banana and/or strawberry. Delicious!

The children who helped to make the pancakes measured out the ingredients with so much care and attention. They were telling me all of the numerals on the scales from 1-5 and helping each other to watch for the red arrow as they measured out the ingredients and saying ‘stop’ when it reached different numbers such as 4 for ‘400g’. Tremendous teamwork! They were equally as careful when measuring out the milk and again, were very keen to share their knowledge of the numerals on the measuring jug and knew when to stop! We also had some super egg cracking and mixing skills.

Well done everyone!