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St Piran’s Day Celebrations

We learnt all about our Cornish Heritage and Cornish Language on St Piran's Day.

March 5, 2024

St Piran’s Day Celebrations

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to Owain for coming in to share his passion for the Cornish language and Cornish heritage with the children in Pre School on St Piran’s Day. Owain is fluent in Cornish and introduced the children to lots of words today through sharing a story with the children. He also taught them so much about St Piran’s Day; the origin of the St Piran’s Flag and the story of Saint Piran himself. We would also like to thank our other parent helpers who came to help with the flag making and pasty making too! The children each enjoyed their half a pasty with their lunch today! There was lots of flag waving in the garden this afternoon, hopefully some of the flags have made it home in one piece! We have lots more photos that will be shared either on here, or on our website ‘News and Events’ page later this week. Gool Peran Lowen!

Learning about St Piran.

The children split in to two groups to listen to Owain’s Cornish story and explore all that he bought in to share with the children.

Making Pasties!

On MOnday a group of children made the pastry ready for pasty making on Tuesday. On Tuesday the children prepared the vegetables for our pasties using child safe knives to cut onion, swede and potato. The children then used rolling pins to roll out their pastry and cut out their pasties. They filled their pastry with vegetables and had a good go at crimping. Well done everyone! All the children enjoyed their pasties at lunch time together.

St Piran’s Flags

All of the children at nursery had a go at making their own St Piran’s Flag. Our babies explored glue to stick their flags together, our toddlers had a go at using glue and cellotape to assemble their flags, and our Pre School children used their super scissor skills to cut out their strips to create their flags, some of them chose to use chalk to create their own white cross. Well done everyone. The flags looked brilliant.

Thank you!

A huge THANK YOU to all of our parent helpers who came in to help with flag making and pasty baking too!