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Recycled Bottle Planters!

Our Toddlers have been using plastic bottles to create planters, they look wonderful!

May 19, 2022

Decorating our recycled bottles

Our toddlers used a range of materials and glue to decorate their bottles. They talked about the colours and textures as they did so. We also spoke about reusing bottles instead of putting them in the bin.



Planting our seeds

They then showed super control using different scoops to fill the bottles with compost and then plant their seeds. We used language such as ‘full’ ’empty’ ‘scoop’ ‘sprinkle’ and ‘pour.’

Hanging our bottle planters in the garden

The children are reminded of their lovely creations when they are in the garden as we have hung them on the garden fence to watch them grow. The children run over when we go out to play, to look at them and see if they have started to grow yet. We will proceed to water them when we go outside and talk about the changes we see as we watch them over the Summer.

Googly Eyes and Strawberries

We think the eyes on the bottles look wonderful – they are keping a close ‘eye’ on our strawberry plants nearby that are flowering! We can’t wait to pick some delicious juicy strawberries.