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Celebrating our Uniqueness – Making Nature Faces in Pre School

Pre School have been creating Nature Faces using a collection of autumnal items they've collected on walks!

October 11, 2022

Nature Faces

We have been exploring the changing seasons as Autumn begins. The children have been very observant out on walks through our grounds, spotting lots of changes in the trees and plants.

The children spotted changes in the living environment and also items that had fallen to the ground. At the moment children are encouraged to ask an adult if they want to pick anything up, this is to keep us safe, for example picking up feathers at the moment isn’t advised due to cases of avaian bird flu in Cornwall.

The children have discovered a wide selection of natural objects of interest and had a thoroughly good time collecting them and disucssing them together.

Today we used our autumnal collection to create nature faces on the tree stumps in our free flow garden. They had prompts about facial features, but other than that it was their own creativeness that lead the activity, as you can see they are all really unique just like all of us.