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Posting Our Christmas Cards!

We learnt all about posting cards at Christmas!

December 19, 2023

Posting our Christmas Cards!

Our Early 3’s and Pre School children have created wonderful Christmas Cards and asked if they could put them in the postbox to send them home! We thought this was a very exciting idea and a great opportunity for lots of learning through our play. We talked about what we would need to write on the envelopes, when talking about our address lots of the children knew the town that they live in and some of them know the county of Cornwall too! Others were able to talk about their house number or name and we learnt about postcodes. We then discussed putting a stamp on each envelope to pay for the postage. When we went to the postbox, we looked carefully at the information that is displayed on the postbox too, looking at the time that our post would be collected. Each day we would look out for the postal delivery worker who brings the nursery post, and look out for them driving off in their van, wondering whether our envelopes were in the post van as well! We hope you all enjoyed receiving your surprise post!