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Exploring the Owl Babies story in the Toddler Room!

Our Toddlers have been exploring the Owl Babies inside and outside too, with lots of exciting activities!

June 14, 2022

Extending the children’s interest in the Owl Babies Book.

The children have taken a real interest in the owl babies story recently so we have extended their interest by creating a owl baby tuff spot and we’ve been exploring the story on our walks outside too!



Creating Owl Baby Nests

Today the children went for a lovely walk in the sunshine and collected natural materials to create nests with. They found items such as different sized leaves, sticks and flowers, we collected them and carried them back to nursery for our tuff spot to make a cosy nest for our owl babies and mummy. The children did a great job at finding lots of different materials as well as recognising “big” and “small” materials and they have also been looking and listening in the tress to see if we can see some animals. Well done children ๐Ÿ™‚

Sharing a child’s Owl Book from Home

Today we were very lucky because one of the children brought in their favourite book from home relating to our theme of owl babies this week. We decided to take this book outside and to read it under the tress which relate to our owls as they live in the trees so we emmersed ourselves in the environment of the story. This book involved lots of animals like owls, a dog, a snake, a donkey and lots of other animals, we made lots of different animal noises as well as talking about the different emotions of which the owl felt. This ties in perfectly with our makaton signs which we are of focusing on at the moment and the children did a great job at listening and understanding the different feelings. Once we finished the story we had a chat about how the owls are noctunel and that they sleep through the day so some children took the owls over by the tree to have a sleep in their nest, well done children we’ve all had a lovely morning !! ๐Ÿ™‚