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Look how much we have grown!

The Ducks have been on Holiday too!

April 8, 2024

Look how much we have grown!

Our ducklings are growing by the minute! Their feathers are really starting to grow now and they are even trying to quack rather than cheep!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Rachel who has been caring for the ducklings at home each weekend since they hatched. She also had them over the Easter weekend and all of last week to give them lots of extra attention during the holidays. The ducklings have returned to nursery today for the children to see! It’s lovely to see them. We cannot believe how much they have grown!

Here are some photos of all the cuddles and attention they have been getting at home with Rachel and her family. They also spent a couple of nights with Kate and her family too. The ducklings will continue to go home at weekends for lots of cuddles and cleaning out, until we have their outdoor enclosure completed for them. They are almost big enough to be allowed to live outside! It would be nice for the weather to dry up and warm up a little bit for them too.


Little holiday at Kate’s House!


Growing at Rachel’s House