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‘Tree’ Production at Penlee Park Open Air Theatre

We enjoyd an inredible, interactive, sensory experience at the Tree production in Penlee Open Theatre!

June 14, 2023

‘Tree’ at Penlee Park Theatre

We are so very proud of all the children who went on the trip to Penlee Park Theatre this morning. They were superstars!

The show was brilliant and the children were wonderful! There were 3 ladies who performed the show, they were acting out the changes in nature throughout the 4 seasons. There were lots of sensory moments with feathers, leaves and scarves falling from the sky and for the children to explore and enjoy. They then collected the feathers and flapped like spring birds, they danced with winter scarves and then scrunched them up to be pretend snowballs. They also danced with sunshine pom poms for summer!

There was lots of singing and dancing that the children joined in with, they particularly enjoyed ‘sleeping bunnies!’ song. The children also particularly enjoyed when the ladies dressed up as squirrels in the autumn and the children then helped the squirrels collect all the pretend vegetables for harvest.

After the show the children had freedom to explore all of the props that were used during the showand they did lots of dressing up and more dancing.

THANK YOU to all of our parent helpers for joining us for this brilliant trip, we hope you enjoyed it too.

We are very proud of all the children!