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Growing Broad Beans in Pre School!

Will the roots or shoots start to grow first?

March 13, 2024

Planting our Broad Beans

Stage 1: Planting

Today the children have very independently planted broad bean seeds in zippy bags. They all attempted writing their names, this was tricky on a plastic bag but they had a brilliant go. We had discussions about what seeds need to grow, most of them knew that they need air (oxygen), water and light. The children decided that the art room is warm and fairly light so we have taped them to the window so the children can observe a seed as it grows and we can start the label what we see building on their existing knowledge and vocabulary. They have carefully poured water in to the bags so that the bean seeds have everything they need to grow. We will keep you posted!

Stage 2: Will the roots or shoots start to grow first?

What do you think? Will we start to see the roots grow out of the bottom of the seed first? Or will we start to see the shoots grow out of the top of the seed first? Come back for updates!