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Maths is all around us in Pre School!

We love maths, exploring numbers, shapes, patterns and so much more!

May 22, 2024

Maths in Pre School

We learn so much through our play. It’s a bit tricky to photograph ALL of the maths learning that takes place in Pre School as so much of it is through conversation. There are so many opportunities to add math language to our play through spotting patterns, singing number songs, talking about time and dates, exploring weight and height, as well as discussing similarities and differences using language such as  ‘more than, less than, bigger, smaller, heavier, lighter, higher, lower, longer, shorter, taller, wider, full, empty.’

Visitors to our Pre School always comment on the incredibly high level of mathematical understanding that the group have as a whole. Some of the children are already adding numbers together, talking about taking numbers away, able to write numerals, able to read two digit numbers, can identify 2D shapes and are starting to explore 3D shapes too. We are following the children’s lead with their maths and challenging them further when they show interest and knowledge.

Here are some of the activities we have been exploring to extend their maths learning even further through their play recently.

Finger Gym – Lollipop and Cube Towers!

This activity is super for talking about shape, size, balance, height and counting. The activity also helps develop fine motor skills through precise positioning of items with our hands.  It also requires super focus, determination and helps develop resilience if it wobbles and we choose to start again. We have been incredibly impressed with all the aforementioned skills – we have seen these in abundance! Topped off with enormous proud smiles!

Finger Gym – Peg Board Patterns

We have some super pattern creators in Pre School! These children notice all sorts of patterns around them in their environment and they are starting to explore creating repeated patterns through colour, such as ‘red, blue, red, blue’ or ‘red, red, blue, red, red, blue’ (This ones a real challenge!) They also create shapes, numerals and other patterns too. Again this is a fantastic fine motor activity, developing real control, those little pegs are tricky to manipulate! The children show incredible focus and engagement with the peg boards, sitting and exploring them for long periods of time to achieve their own set goals. Super characteristics of effective learning in play!

and so much more….!

We could share photos all day long! Here are lots more examples of exploring maths within our play!