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Our Ducklings have hatched!

We are going to need some name suggestions!

March 14, 2024

Hello Ducklings!

UPDATE 2:30pm We now have SIX ducklings! One more just did the quickest hatch ever and 4 Pre School children were here to watch! 5 Ducklings are getting comfy and resting in their brooding cage whilst one more duckling recovers in the incubator, we’ll move it later this evening.


After a very busy night we have 3 ducklings in the brooder and 2 ducklings resting in the incubator!

We also have very excited grown ups and children and a new webcam showing the brooder where the ducklings are keeping warm under their heat unit. They will be exhausted after a busy night and will sleep lots today and start to find their balance as they wobble about!

We will need some name suggestions everyone! Let us know your thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

The incubator webcam footage from last night is still viewable on the youtube page under ‘playlists’. You can rewind through the night to watch the eggs hatching, if you rewind about 8 hours to 11pm there is a super view of one of the ducklings hatching on the left and you will be able to spot another cheeky duckling popping it’s head up in the background!

New link below for the new webcam live stream from the brooding cage!


Hello ducks!

They are resting after such a busy night!

One little duckling is rather confident and cheeky already!


The ducks have started to fluff up even more, they are explorig the water and having lots of rest together, keeping warm under their heater. We are all absolutely besotted with them!

Friday 15th February

Our clever little ducklings have learnt how to drink and feed today! They are getting fluffier by the minute and they are very cuddly and love to snuggle in to have a sleep when having a cuddle.

The children have been very gentle with them and we are loving hearing the name suggestions too!