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Healthy Movers

We are proud to offer our children music and movement sessions through Healthy Movers!

What is Healthy Movers?

Wow! We love Healthy Movers! Our Toddlers and Pre School children have shown some incredible listening and understanding during their healthy movers sessions.

Each fortnight they have followed a new activity card coupled with a book, song and music and movement session. The children’s engagement has been astonishing! We are very proud of them.

Healthy Movers supports early years practitioners and families to develop the competence and confidence to ensure every child is physically literate. We were very lucky to be selected as part of the Early Years Pilot Team in 2019 to train a Healthy Movers leader in our settings alongside our Manager. The training course was fantastic and has shaped our music and movement sessions for children across our Toddler and Pre School rooms.

Healthy Movers enables settings to incorporate physical activity into every day and engage parents on the importance of healthy active lifestyles and their contribution to a child’s development.

It’s been lovely to hear children as young as our toddlers say ‘Is it Healthy Movers time yet?’!

For more information take a peek at the Youth Sport Trust website: https://www.youthsporttrust.org/healthy-movers-programme

LIVE Healthy Movers Sessions on YouTube

Healthy Movers has gone LIVE on YouTube! This is an opportunity for you to explore healthy movers with your child at home!.

Please use the links below to access the live healthy movers sessions on YouTube!

Week beginning 01.02.21:

Tuesday: https://youtu.be/5eLVrpRLmEA

Thursday: https://youtu.be/Em7vbjVU4UQ

The full calendar and links can be seen here:


(As always when accessing the internet with your child – please ensure you check the link before sharing it with your child and always supervise your child’s time online to keep them safe)

Healthy Movers Clip ‘Shake like a mango!’

Here’s a tiny snapshot of a few of our toddlers joining in with a Kitchen Disco session at nursery!

More photos and videos COMING SOON!

Engaging with Our Families

It was absolutely fantastic to welcome our families in to the nursery in 2020 for Healthy Movers interactive sessions with your children. We had a wonderful turn out for our toddler room sessions, run by our staff member Jane alongside Flo from Healthy Movers. It was absolutely fantastic to see parents and carers getting up and active with their children and the room was filled with laughter (as well as super concentration and focus!) We hope to set up more of these sessions in the future to engage our families again with these fantastic sessions. For the time being – please see the links above for LIVE Healthy Movers sessions on YouTube!