We offer quality learning experience for children


Our Preschool

Joining Preschool is an exciting moment in a child’s learning, preparing them for the journey onto school. Our Preschool room is set up with a huge role play area to enhance opportunities for the wealth of imaginative play that this age engage in. There are life skills shelves with activity trays on for the children to select and explore independently to develop fine motor skills in preparation for learning to write at school. There are also lots of creative media set up for the children to select that allows them to develop independence and provides opportunity for their own creative ideas to flourish. All mark making experiences are important steps in developing strength in their fine motor skills and control to assist learning to form letters as they reach school age.

Our experienced staff deliver Read, Write, Inc. sessions that introduce children to the world of letters and sounds. This is preparation for your child’s progression to learn to read and write. Each week the children are introduced to a new sound and lots of fun and exciting activities to explore.

Preschool has a covered free flow area that allows the children to access the outdoor area in all weathers. They also benefit from an extensive playground are a with climbing areas, a space for trikes to be ridden and circle games and group games to be played, a mud kitchen and giant music making apparatus.

Our Preschool children enjoy their lunches in our Dining Room that prepares them for the transition to eating in a school canteen when they progress onto school.