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Our Toddlers Exploring Penlee House Gallery and Museum!

Take a look at this wonderful adventure for our 1 year old and 2 year old children!

June 26, 2024

Our Toddlers Visited Penlee House Gallery and Museum!

THANK YOU to Penlee House Gallery and Museum for inviting a group of 14 of our littlest toddlers to visit the museum for a very special workshop!

We are very impressed with all of these 1 year old and 2 year old children going on such a big adventure together. We are feeling very fortunate to have such wonderful places like this in walking distance from our nursery, even for the smallest of legs!


Read all about it below, write up from Charleigh in the Toddler Room.

“Wow, what an amazing trip down to Penlee House Gallery and Museum. Penlee provided us with many sea themed activities which the children loved and enjoyed linking them to the beautiful paintings around them.

The children took part in a sea world tuff tray, making a sea themed collage, drawing some waves, dressing up in olden day clothes and reading story’s in the book corner.

Along with all the activities a lot of the children took interest in the architecture around them and were using magnifying glasses and binoculars to have a closer look.

The children were most excited when looking at the boats and found the bike from many years ago very interesting and we started comparing it to a modern day bike.

When looking at the paintings we asked if the children recognise the location and some of the children did a great job at identifying the painting and we spoke how it looks a bit different to nowadays as it was from many years ago.

The children were fantastic, they did great walking down there and back and showed lots of appreciation and love for the interesting things around them.

A big well done children and a big thank you to Anna and Andy who joined us and the lovely people at Penlee House Gallery and Museum!”

Take a peek at our photo gallery below.